Wired Roast is a small group of ladies that are coffee obsessed. The joy of sharing a cup of good Joe brings us together on Sunday mornings and is a great starter activity before doing what ladies do best – shop!

We are based out of the beautiful White Mountains of Arizona but will travel when the brew calls us across cities and state lines. After all, it’s to dazzle our tastebuds with new blends, arouse our senses with unique café aromas, and of course, to acquire more hands-on experience with brewing, milk-blending, latte art techniques, and more!

Our goal is to help you make coffeehouse worthy brews at home – to bridge the gap between you and the coffee shop. We’ll do the research, home testing, and tutorials on various products to help further your knowledge of the beloved beverage.

If you’re looking to expand your skills with at-home brewing, learn tricks and tips of the barista trade, or simply how to make your average cup of coffee taste better, you’re in the right java house.

If there’s something we don’t know, brew up an email and we’ll do our best to find out.

Since cheering with coffee is, apparently, bad luck, we’ll just say. . .

“Have a brewtiful day!”

Meet the Team

Kristina Barber Author Pic

Kristina Barber

From DIY Dish-Water to Expert Level Brews

Feeling the pain of spending ten bucks a day at coffee shops, Kristina decided to do-it-herself at home until she was once told that her coffee tasted like dirty dish water.

There was no better motivation than that to become an amateur coffee enthusiast who aspires to raise her expectations of quality homemade brews. Choosing to expand her skills with barista training and courses while researching and experimenting with professional equipment for at-home use, there’s a lot yet to be learned.

She looks forward to better tasting coffee as the bridge between the coffee shop and her becomes narrower. Never again will it be said that she makes dish water coffee!

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Jenean Thompson Author Pic

Jenean Thompson

Mastering the Art of Coffee – Virtuoso Style

Always loving the smell of brewing coffee at her grandmother’s house, the aroma still triggers happy memories of a loving home. 

After a trip to Ireland and its many coffee shops, sentimentality of the beverage was reawakened. Determined to recreate the perfect cup of java without the high-cost and inconvenience of “going out” for coffee isn’t easy. 

Armed with her belief that coffee should be more than a morning drink or an afternoon pick-me-up; every cup has the potential to become an experience that can invoke or create good memories.

Learn the secrets she discovers on her quest to master, virtuoso style, the art of coffee.

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Kate Barber Author Pic

Kate Barber

Motivation to do a little more!

As a business owner and high-performance coach, Kate consistently shows up for her team with joy and enthusiasm.

But there’s some days that are harder to do than others!

Sometimes, you just need coffee to get the job done. But not all coffee is created equal and not any cup will do!

When Kate wants coffee, she wants good coffee. The kind that says, “If I can create something like this, I can sit and enjoy it while I do a little more.”

Follow Kate to seek out her maestro coffee-making skills to get the same motivation you need to “do a little more” today!

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Grace Smith Author Pic

Grace Smith

Experimenting With Flavors & Methods

Always loving the vibe of a good coffee shop, Grace always had the thought in the back of her mind that it would be way cool to work in one someday.

But she quickly learned that not all coffee is what it’s hyped up to be. 

Feeling motivated to learn the skills to make coffee taste even better, Grace discovered that she didn’t want to just “work” in a coffee shop but would rather enjoy the freedom to experiment with the best flavors and methods in her own kitchen. 

She enjoys the journey of learning all the best skills to make the best cup of joe and loves sharing that knowledge with anyone who wants it. 

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